Employee Health Payment Platform

Save your company money. Improve your employees' ability to pay for care.

Issue unlimited payment cards to employees that they can use to pay for medical, dental, vision, and veterinary care on a pre-tax or post-tax basis in full or over-time on a swipe-by-swipe basis.

Improve employee “wellth” with Paytient.


Of HSA’s have an account balance less than their deductible.


Of Americans live paycheck to paycheck regardless of income.


Of employees avoid or delay care due to cost.


Paytient utilization within employers with 500+ employees.

“We offer an HSA” isn’t enough of an answer.


Consumer OOP health spend in 2021.



Projected HSA balances in 2021.



Insufficient HSA funds to pay for care in 2021.

it’s your choice

Pay any provider

Structured as an employee benefit, Paytient provides a healthcare payment card pre-loaded with funds matching the employee's deductible that can be used to pay for any medical, dental, pharmacy, vision and veterinary service.

Zero Interest.

Flexible Payback.

Effortless Administration.

Paytient offers flexible pricing often fully funded by an employer's health plan savings or credits. We can work on a simple PEPM basis for small businesses or structure complex at-risk arrangements for enterprise (5,000+ employees) or health system clients.

Lower your cost and help employees buy care.

Paytient cards come pre-loaded with up to $5,000 that employees can use to pay for medical, dental, pharmacy, vision or even veterinary care.

How do you increase enrollment into lower cost health plan designs?

How do you help employees with insufficient HSA’s pay for care?

Do you have HIPAA compliant data regarding employee OOP cost trends?

Do you give financial incentives for smarter employee health behavior? Manage that spend with Paytient.

Saved $700k on a renewal

A 2,000 FTE employer modified their plan design and saved $700,000.

Increased primary care visits

A 1,600 FTE employer saw an increase in primary care visits in first 6 months.

Improved HDHP plan enrollment

A 120 FTE employer improved HDHP adoption from 50% to 85% of employees.

In the news



“I wish we would have had you guys 4 years ago when we changed to our HSA plan, it really would have helped a lot of people with their deductible.”

“When we look at new benefits we always consider the administrative burden for our small Human Resources team. I am so thankful the Paytient team works hard to make that as minimal as possible. It’s a relief to know we can offer this exciting benefit to our employees that requires minimal support from me and enhance the competitiveness of our benefits package.”

Paytient is the benefit your employees will love.