Put your hospital in every patient’s purse.

Patients are becoming consumers. We partner with you to issue hospital-branded payment cards to your local large employers that helps their employees choose your hospital.

Improve Your Finances

Upstream tool to improve your downstream finances.

Hospitals partner with Paytient to issue riskless, no interest payment cards to local employers. We pre-fund the cards with up to $10,000 so employees can better access and afford care. Hospitals pay us a monthly subscription to provide the patient capital and administer the card program.

No financial application needed from the patient.

No recourse to the hospital.

Paid in full at time of service.

0% interest and no fees for consumers.

We can quantify your opportunity within

Your Health System Your Local Employer Market

Who We Work With

Health Systems

Paytient is not a hospital-lobby based financing company. We work with your outreach team to map your employer market and go upstream and grow your volume of full-paying commercial patients.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Human Resources
Who We Work With

Healthcare Associations

Hospital associations interested in consolidating services and strategies for member hospitals to enhance:

  • Market Share
  • Healthcare Consumption Data
  • Improve Employer Networks in their Community
Who We Work With

Healthcare Partnerships

Firms that provide support to health systems through financial advising, site selections, strategy, and reporting.

  • Marketing Firms
  • Benefit Brokers
  • Private Equity
  • Banking & Finance
  • Payers
How It Works

Swipe. Click. Split

Paytient enables employees to turn any unexpected out-of-pocket expense into an affordable payment plan - always without interest or fees.

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