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Unexpected healthcare costs?

Use Paytient to turn any medical, dental, vision or veterinary bill into an affordable payment plan. Each payment automatically comes out of your paycheck.

Zero interest, physical and virtual payment cards.

Physical cards.

Virtual cards.

Flexible repayment.

No interest.

No hidden fees.

Flexible employer pricing.

Payroll integrations.

Simple administration.

Pairs nicely with HSA.

Pairs nicely with FSA.

SOC 2 Type 1.

Fast customer support.

No personal credit checks.



How does Paytient work with an HSA?


If you're one of the 20 million Americans with an HSA, thank your employer for giving you access to the best investment account possible. Just 3% of HSA holders fully utilize its triple tax advantage and invest their savings. Paired with an HSA, Paytient is an HSA accumulation tool. Use Paytient to pay your eligible out-of-pocket expenses to build up and invest your HSA dollars for a catastrophic medical event, or hopefully an additional source of tax-free retirement savings.


Can I use Paytient to pay for previous medical bills?


Absolutely! You are more than welcome to use Paytient for any medical, dental, vision, or veterinary bill. Old or new.


Can I pay paytient back with my HSA Account?


Yes you can. You can either send us a message within the app to get it set up, or if your HSA is through one of our thousands of supported banks, you can connect your HSA Account directly within the app.


How does Paytient work with FSA


There are 34 million Flexible Spending Accounts in the US. Even if your employer offers the 3 additional months at year end, there's no changing the fact that these dollars are still use-it-or-lose-it, and as such, most folks under-fund their FSA. The average total contribution is about $450, while most folks with out-of-pocket expenses spend about $750+ per year.

What people are saying about Paytient...

Super easy to use and I appreciate the support I have received from everyone at Paytient!

My dog needed to have surgery, which would have been a huge blow to our family budget. Paytient allowed us to get our dog’s surgery and spread out the payments over a very reasonable amount of time!

I love that unexpected medical expenses can be deducted from my paycheck and I do not have to come up with the money on the spot!

Your benefit is waiting.

No interest. No fees. No credit check. No, really. Paytient is a benefit for you, thanks to your employer. It’s completely free for you to use.